Keys to Success in Real Estate Investment

For those interested in pursuing a career in real estate investment, understanding the challenges of this field can help to ensure a higher degree of success. Achieving profitability often depends on maintaining occupancy rates for existing properties and on acquiring the right new properties for renovation and eventual lease or rental. Working with a company that specializes in property maintenance can provide added support for investors in ensuring optimal profitability.

Keys to Property Maintenance

In general, a property maintenance firm should be able to provide the following services:

  • Expert upkeep on all major systems within the home
  • Inspections of various elements of the property to spot small problems before they turn into costly repairs
  • Tenant acquisition, including advertising and agency referrals
  • Retention of tenants and necessary administrative tasks related to rent and lease fee collection and deposits

Companies that combine these services with initial acquisition and renovation of single or multi-family homes can provide one-stop shopping for investors looking for opportunities in the real estate marketplace.

By working with a firm that specializes in providing turnkey real estate investment services, would-be investors can enjoy the benefits of these financial arrangements without the headaches of identifying and renovating the properties in question. This can save time, money and stress when entering the real estate arena and can produce solid returns and performance over both the short term and the long haul.


Customer Service Sets Sky Mikesell Apart

Even in his teens, Sky Mikesell understood the value of a strong work ethic and a commitment to meeting the needs of his clients. His first jobs were in the field of retail sales and construction. These early experiences imprinted upon Mikesell the importance of working to ensure customer satisfaction and of following instructions exactly to produce the most positive results. Mikesell put his newfound knowledge to work when he acquired his first real estate property at the age of 19. He lived in and restored the Portland, Oregon, home to increase its value considerably.

Mikesell’s commitment to quality service has allowed him to attract a large contingent of loyal real estate investors with whom to work to acquire new properties. By focusing primarily on single-family properties, Mikesell can offer innovative opportunities in the alternative investment field and can produce significant profits for his clients. The Charlotte real estate market shows exceptional potential for investment, allowing Mikesell to deliver double-digit returns for many of his clients.

Turnkey investment property management is a specialty of Mikesell’s firm and reduces the risks generally associated with real estate investments. By delivering expert tenant acquisition and retention services, the company is able to ensure the most positive results in terms of stability and financial returns, allowing a greater degree of confidence among investors in the real estate marketplace.